Linco Bleach. One of Chicago’s well-known household products.


A vintage Linco Bleach bottle.

Hello everyone. Today I will be writing about something unusual. It was a product that was familiar to all Chicagoans for many years. Linco Bleach was a standard household product that was practically in everyone’s homes in Chicago. Linco Bleach was one of the most identifiable items ever found in grocery stores in Chicago. Others that people remembered were Canfield’s Sodas and Salerno Cookies. Those were classic Chicago products.

The Linco Bleach Company was founded by two brothers Mario and Salvatore Giachetti, in Chicago in the 1920s. It undoubtedly became the foremost cleaning product company in the Chicagoland area. The company was at 2155 W 80th Street in Chicago. For local consumers, the products were either purchased at local grocery stores or by home delivery. It was extremely convenient in a world before disposable diapers. Linco Bleach was most recognizable for its brown glass bottles.

There was another product that Linco manufactured, and that was called Juno. It was an all-purpose cleaner that was for washing dishes and silverware. The product phased out in the 1950s. The Linco Bleach brown glass bottles were on the market for many years. I read somewhere the bottles were heavy at times but, they did come in smaller sizes. In the 1960s, Linco started selling its bleach in plastic bottles. In the 1950s, the powder version of Linco went on the market. The bleach was advertised prominently in the local newspapers for many years. The final product that Linco Bleach had was called Linco Plus. It was an all-fabric bleach used for washing color clothes. I think it merely came in powder form.

My fond memories of Linco Bleach started when I lived in the Roseland neighborhood in Chicago in the 1970s. My mother bought Linco either at the National Foods Store or the High-Low Grocery Store. A&P was also there, but they didn’t carry it. My mother repeatedly referred to the bleach as Linco. Periodically, she also purchased Clorox when it was on sale and she still called it Linco. I thought it was strange at the time. Then, I found out later on that most people called the Clorox Bleach, Linco too. I never asked her which bleach was better. I assumed they were both excellent.

The Linco Bleach Company ceased production in the early 1980s. I don’t know what the reason was. Perhaps the company was sold or went bankrupt. The product was so memorable for everyone who lived in Chicago. Sometimes when I do the laundry at my house and I notice the bleach bottle, the first thing that enters my mind is Linco. I wish the product would make a comeback. It was wonderful! Thank you. Pete Kastanes. Admin for Vanished Chicagoland Facebook Page.

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  1. Possibly Linco became a victim of corporate raiders who bought companies and then dismantled them. Selling off all the components at a profit. Just a guess, because a lot of that happened in the 1980s. Funny how some products disappear and you don’t notice until one day somebody brings it up.

  2. Will never forget it still call my bleach Linco my Mother would never use anything else but that. Great memories. Ashame how things have changed.

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