My fondest memories of the well-known brand of pies in the Chicagoland area.



An apple pie from Lloyd J. Harriss Pie Company.

Hello everyone. Today I will be writing a story about another favorite dessert that every person loves. Having a slice of pie is nevertheless a delicious food item for after dinner or lunch for everyone. My memories will consist of certain brands of pies that have merely disappeared or renamed. I will also talk about my all-time favorite pies.

The earliest pie company in Chicago was Case-Moody Pies. The company was founded in 1929 by two men, Elmer Case and Charles Moody. Both men served as president and, their families were in the pie business. The company had two Chicago locations. One was on the corner of North Wood and West Walnut Streets, and the second location was at 3548 S Shields Avenue, right next to Comiskey Park. The company was merged with Sunkist Pies and bought by Mrs. Wagner Pies. In the 1950s, the factories closed. I never heard of this pie company before and was very intrigued by the history of it. The pies tins are still on sale at eBay.

Lloyd J. Harris was another pie company that was well-remembered from Chicagoans in the early days. Sometimes the last name was spelled, Harriss. I’m unsure if this one had headquarters in Chicago. I searched for information about this company and found a photo of pie trucks and the factory. Once located at 1757 W Hubbard Ave in Chicago. When I was a little, I remembered seeing the white trucks with the company logos when my family and I visited downtown Chicago. I think my mother purchased that pie a few times at Jewel Foods at Dominick’s Finer Foods. I believe the company went out of business in the late 1970s.

House of Pies was a restaurant chain that served its famous pies in 1969. It wasn’t a Chicago company, but a few locations opened in the early 1970s. I vaguely remembered that place. I must have seen ads in the Chicago newspapers. Some people on my social media accounts mentioned the pies were positively delicious. They disappeared in the Chicagoland area a few years later. They are still in business in Los Angeles and Houston.

Pies by Fasano was another Chicago-based pie company that was quite memorable. Founded in 1946 and its bakery and store outlet located at 6201 W 65th St in Bedford Park, IL. My mother bought those pies all the time and, each of their flavors was delicious. My favorite was cherry. Fasano pies were a huge seller in most grocery stores and supermarkets in Chicago. I remembered seeing them at Jewel, Dominicks, Colony Foods, and High-Low Foods. They went out of business in the 1980s and, now they have returned recently. They sell their pies practically every weekend at Brother Rice High School in Chicago. Fasano Pies were also sold at restaurants and cafeterias. When I was in high school, my mother worked as a waitress at a diner, told me the place carried Fasano Pies. She would bring one home once in a while.

Another favorite pie restaurant was Poppin Fresh Pies. It wasn’t founded in Chicago but in the state of Iowa of one restaurant. The Pillsbury company purchased it, renamed it Poppin Fresh Pies. They opened in several states in the Midwest and, they were successful. The first one I went to was at West 79th St and South Cicero Ave when I was in high school. The first time I tried their classic French Silk Pie, and I was in heaven. I went there several times and tried other flavors. My favorites there were French Silk, Lemon Meringue, and Coconut Cream. The name changed to Bakers Square Restaurant in 1983. Over the years, the locations were closing. Now there are six locations left in the Chicagoland locations. I hope they stay in business. Their pies are still delicious.

Pie tins are still available by people who have purchased them from pie companies. I have seen them on eBay all the time. I’m sure a lot of people still have a least one in their household. Homemade pie is the best-tasting pie ever. It takes a lot of work but, it is worth it. If you have a favorite pie or a memory of the pies or pie restaurants, please comment here or on my social media accounts. Who can resist a delectable piece of pie right out of the oven? Thank you. Pete Kastanes. Admin for Vanished Chicagoland Facebook Page.


7 thoughts on “My fondest memories of the well-known brand of pies in the Chicagoland area.

  1. My grandmother always used to supply the pies at Thanksgiving, and since she had issues with arthritis she would order them from Poppin’ Fresh and we would pick them up. There’s a chain of restaurants called O’Charley’s in the Southeast and Midwest that’s owned by the same company that owns Bakers Square, and they offer some of the pies (Wednesday is Free Pie Day).

    There were Perkins restaurants throughout the Chicago are that had cakes, pies and cookies. It looks like those have been closed for some time, but there are still the restaurants throughout the Midwest.

    There are hundreds of little restaurants all over Chicago that are open 24 hours and serve any meal at any time of the day, and those are always good for pie. Any idea who makes those?

    1. there was a lloyd j harris pie factory in saugatuck mi
      where i grew up. we were just talking about their peach cream cheese pie & trying to crack the recipe!

  2. I have a Case-Moody Pie tin that was in my grandmother’s collection when she went to live in a nursing home. It is a very heavy duty tin, and I think she’s used it to bake in herself. She has since passed, and I proudly display the tin in my kitchen. I researched Case-Moody Pies when I received it, and found the history to be very interesting.

    1. Harris pies supplied White Castle with their apple pies. Back in the 40s and 50s That’s when White Castle only sold hamburgers, pie, and chocolate doughnuts .

  3. My dad worked at Fasano driving a truck. We had pies all the time for desert after dinner. I think employees got to take home pies they no longer could sell. I remember coconut cream and Boston cream pies.sure there was choc. cream but coconut was my favorite.

  4. We lived in Riverside, so the Fasano Pie factory was pretty close. My dad used to buy the single cherry pies by the cases, and keep the in the basement deep freezer. In the summer, you couldn’t beat eating a frozen little cherry pie. I don’t remember any other flavors, and don’t remember him getting big ones.
    I love Baker’s Square. I’m close to the one in Woodridge on 75th St.and I-355. Wednesday is FREE PIE day. You get a free piece to eat, or take home, with your meal. French Silk is still my #1 favorite, but Key Lime, when it’s in season is a close second. One of my best friends Online, Bud Bennet, called his band “I Like Pie”. Best music ever.

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