Starting off with a Sunday treat from Dressel’s Bakeries.

An assortment of delicious desserts from Dressel’s Bakeries.
Ad from The Chicago Tribune dated May 29, 1975.

Good morning everyone! Sunday mornings in Chicago always start the day differently weather-wise. Whether it is cold, sunny, rainy, snowy, humid, cloudy or pleasant. To me, Sundays are always tranquil and relaxing. When I was a kid and lived in South Shore, Roseland and Ashburn, my mother is and always the greatest baker in the world, would make something special for my birthday or names day in which Greeks celebrate traditionally. Once in a while, when she didn’t have time or was tired, she would go to Jewel, Dominicks, High-Low Foods, A&P or National Foods Stores, she would buy a cake from Dressel’s Bakeries. Dressel’s was a Chicago institution for many years and still missed today. The one cake that was the most popular was the Chocolate Fudge Whipped Cream Cake. I have eaten that one many times in my life and the taste of it was unforgettable. Wolf’s Bakery on W 95th St in Evergreen Park, IL, makes a cake like that, but I heard from some people that is almost tastes the same as Dressel’s and some say doesn’t come close. The opinions are rather split on that one. I haven’t bought one yet, but I am tempted to do so. Dressel’s has made so many wonderful desserts over the years. If you like to comment here of your favorite dessert from Dressel’s, please do! I wish the bakery would come back, but I doubt it will. People today are too health-conscious and fear of gaining weight after taking one bite of any kind of pastry. It’s very hard to find very good bakeries in Chicago today. So to me, the best memory from Dressel’s, was my mother taking the cake out the freezer, letting it to thaw out on the kitchen counter, and then in a little while she would give me and brothers a slice of it. I ate the cake very slowly with big glass of milk and that was sheer heaven. Dressel’s please come back! Thank you. Pete Kastanes, Admin for Vanished Chicagoland Facebook Page.

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  1. Great tasting cakes for sure and also sweet rolls. I go back further to the time when a Dressel’s bakery was located on 79th St just east of Ashland on the south side. I believe I’m remembering a time before frozen products were even a thought. My brother worked there for about a week washing pots, pans and bowls. He told us that it was a never-ending job. He was 16 at the time (mid 1950’s?, I was only 8) and he had much to learn yet about working for a living. And if memory serves me correctly, a Widen’s Bakery was also located down that corridor. Competitors? Probably, but both were producers of excellent tasting treats. Real whipped cream cakes were “to die for” during my youth.

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