My memories of my locker combination lock while attending Bogan High School in Chicago.

Hello everyone. In my new editorial today, I will be writing about something given to our freshmen class during our first week at Bogan. I am talking about the high school locker. The main reason I chose to write about this subject is that the members of our Bogan group were discussing it. When I posted a photo of what my combination lock looked like back then in 1977. I remembered when I went to my first day in Division 111 and my division teacher, Miss Barbaro(who incidentally is on Facebook). She was giving us our combination locks. First, she assigned my locker and who my locker partner was going to be. Then she showed us our lockers, which was, outside the classroom and, gave us the combinations of our locks. I think my combination was 3-23-13 although, it was a long time ago. I kept my books, jacket, gym uniform, and any of my personal belongings in there. I had the locker for about a year and a half when suddenly, my locker partner didn’t want me to share with him. He wasn’t crazy about me and, I believe he was keeping something illegal in there (probably pot). He thought that I was to squeal about the situation, but that thought never crossed my mind and, I never did. I never saw the pot in the locker and, he told me to get lost, which I did. I didn’t argue with him. I just kept quiet and left. Luckily, I found another locker on the other side of the school on the second floor and, I had it to myself. When I moved my stuff to my new locker, strangely enough, my locker partner gave me the combination lock. He must have got one on his own. That was one of the weirdest things that ever happened to me at Bogan, but I didn’t care. I was free from all that drama. Throughout my four years at school, I have seen so many lockers in the hallways. Each had different distinctions. Some had heart-shaped figures with the boy’s and the girl’s names written in them, WMET-FM and The Loop radio station stickers plastered inside and outside of the doors. It also had all types of graffiti written on them. Curse words, drugs references, pictures of people smoking cigarettes, marijuana, drinking certain brands of beer, and of course, photos of certain parts of the anatomy of both sexes of the human body doing, well, you get the idea. I have also seen fights in the hallways. A person would push the other one against the locker. It would make a loud noise and, everyone on the floor could hear it. The lockers, to me, weren’t exactly the cleanest ones in the world. They were probably there when Bogan was a new building in 1959. They were very memorable because of the color, style, and sturdiness throughout the years. When I graduated from Bogan in 1981, I took my lock home with me. I kept it for a long time. I don’t remember what to happened to it after several years. Either my mother threw it away, or it just became lost. Today, the school today has built-in combination locks in its lockers and is blue now. To me, they look kind of peculiar, but I guess it’s for security reasons. I have no clue when the older locker, were removed. Probably in the 90s. It was a wonderful time back then when having a locker in high school meant as a teenager. We would be talking to our old and new friends before classes began. Plus, meeting after school was over for the day or during our class breaks. The items stored in their lockers are their books, notes, jackets, coats, gym uniforms, or anything secretive in those lockers. I have heard from some people that they still have their combination locks. They still remember the combinations to this day. I wish I still had mine, but I will keep searching for it, and if I do, I will post it here. Only time will tell. Thank you very much. Pete Kastanes. Editor of the Bengal Lancer Facebook Page.

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